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We Love Hong Kong

Jimmy Wu

        Hong Kong is a fantastic place to live in as it has a lot of wonderful opportunities. As a student, it really is a nice place. There is a lot of great entertainment. Students are the future of Hong Kong’s society, so we have to do our finest to lend a hand to Hong Kong. We should care for our city and discover more about it.


        Hong Kong has both pros and cons. Although the transportation is efficient and really convenient, it causes a lot of environmental problems. The air pollution in Hong Kong is getting worse. There are a lot of people getting ill because of it. The breathtaking views in Hong Kong are being affected by smog and isn’t as stunning as before.


        The main cause of air pollution is cars. For instance, in Causeway Bay, the streets are full of cars and buses. Also there are many buildings there, preventing the flow of air. This causes the car exhaust to stay near the ground, making the air there more polluted. I think people should try to take public transportation instead of driving their cars. This will minimize the amount of pollution a lot.


          But students don’t drive cars, so we should care for the environment in a different way. Do you leave electrical appliances on despite the fact that you aren’t using them? Keep in mind to turn them off, since it’s a waste of electricity. You might think about turning off lights your flat. If you stick to it, I’m sure it will save lots of electricity.


        Hong Kong has a lot of extraordinary places to visit, but most of them are full of refuse garbage left by visitors. We should volunteer to help pick up litter. Not only is it a meaningful way to spend time, but we’ll also get some exercise. This is neglected by a lot of Hong Kong people.

        We are so focused on working, that we neglect other more vital things, like our friends and the surroundings. We mustn’t desert other aspects of our lives as it’s going to be terrible. We spend a great deal of time working until we’re exhausted. It’s not that I think we should slack off. I think we mustn’t work too hard, since it’s not good for our health!


        What I like most about Hong Kong is our spirit. When faced with unforgiving and seemingly overwhelming difficulties, we persist with optimism and an unyielding, upbeat attitude. We resourcefully adapt and energetically triumph over our challenges. If we don’t succeed today, we try again tomorrow. At all times, we never forget those around us and we often put their interests ahead of ours.


        In Hong Kong, both ability and knowledge are essential. People will think you are superior if you have excellent grades. So we must try hard to be our finest and not give up.

        Working hard is really important. Without it, we can’t accomplish anything. To be of use in society when we mature, I think studying is a must. Education is powerful. The more you have the better. And since time doesn’t wait, we mustn’t waste time and make progress to have a superb future!

2008第60屆香港學校朗誦節 (詩詞獨誦) 優良