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我校每年會迎來不少新移民同學。為了幫助他們盡快認識香港,適應香港,增強社交能力,特舉辦新來港學童適應計劃。 該計劃以小遊戲,小組互動,角色扮演等形式進行,讓大家在輕鬆的氣氛中達到活動目的。本年度更帶領大家遊覽迪士尼樂園,在歡樂中加強對本港的認識。

Our school welcomes a significant number of new immigrant students every year. In order to help them quickly understand and adapt to life in Hong Kong, as well as enhance their social skills, we have organized an Adaptation Program for New Immigrant Students. This program is conducted through various activities such as small games, group interactions, and role-playing, allowing everyone to achieve the objectives of the program in a relaxed atmosphere. This year, we even led everyone on a tour of Disneyland, strengthening their understanding of Hong Kong while having fun.

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